Outremer USA can provide new and existing Outremer Catamaran owners with a full range of multihull oriented resources. From the necessary research of discovering just the right size Outrmer for your cruising needs, to factory visits, to selecting the right options and sail inventory, to trans-Atlantic delivery services, and more. Tap into our experience and Just Catamarans service expertise. 1-954-589-2343

‘Resources’…Outremer Catamaran ownership is a process, and takes time to plan your purchase based upon available delivery slots in France, to selecting just the right balance of options to make your Outremer Catamaran, meet your sailing expectations but also provide you and your crew with the level of comfort you would expect from Outremer Catamarans.

At Outremer USA the broad range of resources extents to scheduling a factory visit to La Grande-Motte in southern France to see how each Outremer Catamaran is expertly constructed, to arranging for pre-delivery provisioning and yacht handover. Need assistance with learning how to handle your new Outremer, or deciding which sail combination will get the best performance from your catamaran, we have experts available to help new and experienced Outremer owners get the best from their yachts.

If your cruising plans include cruising the Med or doing your first trans-Atlantic crossing on your new Outremer, we're here to help make that experience enjoyable and also safe. 

As with all yachts, regular maintenance and upkeep is part of the experience, and Outremer USA, hand-in-hand with Just Catamaran's world class service center in Dania Beach, Florida, stands ready to offer advice and provide the best in Outremer warranty service and routine yacht maintenance.

RESEARCHING, BUYING, OWNERSHIP and SELLING… Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way.

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