"To favor security and is synonymous with a free and easy life aboard, to be free to go anywhere, a result of the quality of the design and manufacture of Outremer catamarans."


SPEED is a source of pleasure – the very essence of sailing. To go fast across the water always gives you a real sense of inner jubilation, especially when you overtake other yachts effortlessly! 10 knots, the symbolic barrier for a number of monohulls, becomes a cruising speed aboard an Outremer catamaran. Sailing at between 12 and 15 knots, you’ll admire the wake her slender hulls carve out at speed. You will unquestionably be one of the fastest on the water. Easy tacks, good speed and a better course upwind thanks to the daggerboards, you will find yourself slicing through the sea in total serenity.
Speed isn’t exclusive to ocean racers or round-the-oceans competitors. Speed is an element of SAFETY and comfort. The faster a boat goes, the more it is master of its own destiny. When facing a particular weather scenario, the average speeds of an Outremer catamaran allow routes which would otherwise be impossible at lower speeds.

  The performance of your Outremer, combined with the increasingly accurate weather information available onboard, will enable you to take action against the wind and sea rather than simply endure it. What’s on offer is a reduced passage time, less exposure to the vagaries of the weather and a lot more downwind than close upwind on the menu.

SIMPLICITY is an asset. Having a boat without complicated systems enables easy maintenance, all over the world, at very little cost. This systematic design approach to an effectively safe, fast solution is a priority. All thoughts and research are aimed at making life onboard an Outremer catamaran as easy as possible.

  Outremer’s hulls are designed to increase longitudinal and diagonal stability while reducing stresses on the structure, favoring a ratio which is crucial to performance: the length/beam ratio at the waterline. Another Outremer trademark is her short central coachroof, which reduces windage and contributes to an optimized weight. Her bridgedeck sits high above the water, reducing the risk of impact in the waves and resulting in an increase in safety, comfort and performance.

Outremer Catamarans

Outremer USA is the Exclusive USA dealership for Outremer Catamarans, located at the offices of Just Catamarans Inc., at Harbour Towne Marina, in Dania Beach, Florida. The Outremer Catamaran models currently in production include the 45, 4X, 51, 5X.

Office: 1-954-589-2343 

About Outremer USA

Get your invite here Outremer catamarans are created on a solid concept: a seaworthy, simple, performance cruising boat....

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