Outremer 45

Little sister to the Outremer 51 and 5X, the Outremer 45 shares the key values of seaworthiness, performance, maneuverability, and simplicity. It has been designed for long distance sailing by couples or families. A world class design team includes Barreau-Neuman for the naval architecture, Frank Darnet Design for the interior design, and the deft hand of Patrick le Quement for the overall design cohesiveness.

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This new generation Outremer 45 proudly offers Pleasure, Performance, Comfort and Safety:
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Outremer 45 - Video Tour

The Outremer 45 is the perfect family cruising cat


Pleasure – 2 (optional) tillers for even greater enjoyment on the water – A wide, uncluttered cockpit to fully benefit...


Safety Substantial bridge deck clearance (0.8m) Daggerboards for improved windward sailing efficiency Ideally...

Performance & Comfort

Performance – Efficiency of the hull below the waterline and optimized structure – Enhanced weight optimization and...

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