Outremer 5X

As a result of extensive collaboration with top experts in the field of naval architecture, Outremer Yachting has created the ultimate long-range cruising catamaran and their newest flagship yacht….the 5X. Confirming her rightful place at the top, the Outremer 5X has won European Yacht of the Year for 2013 and Cruising World’s Best Multihull over 50Ft for 2014.

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The  Elegant & Luxurious Outremer 5X 
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This well-designed Outremer 5X is Fast, Powerful and Seaworthy.
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Outremer 5X with Knut from B&G

A great video of Knut Frostad of BandG sailing the Outremer 5X

Outremer 5X

One of the ultimate fast cruising cats in the world

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